Hi there 👋
I’m Shelby. (pronouns: she/her or they/them)
I live in Los Angeles, CA with my pitbull, Nova 🐾 💜

🐝 work 🥑

I’ve been developing software professionally since 2015, after going back to school to take online computer science classes. Since then I’ve been lucky to work in a range of domains and with lots of wonderful people. Check out my resume.

Currently I work as a Developer Advocate at Honeycomb↗️. My job involves spreading the word about observability, helping people get the most out of Honeycomb, and sharing valuable user feedback with our product team. I also work on the Honeycomb blog↗️ and o11ycast↗️!

🎤 fun 🎵

here are some of my informal music goals:

  • learn to stream karaoke without using Twitch Sings
  • join an orchestra again
  • join a classic rock cover band as the lead singer
  • perform Postmodern Jukebox↗️ covers in a jazz club like some kind of lounge singer